The Presidents Corner

The COVID-19 Pandemic is placing enormous pressure on the Emergency Management and Healthcare Systems. There seems to be a never ending list of issues to address. Like we have always been able to do, I see people reaching down and reaching out for solutions and finding them. We have factories retooling to produce what is needed. People stepping up to deliver services, and even in these times of economic craziness, people wanting to know how to contribute financially. To my fellow Emergency Managers, Public Health, Public Safety, Private Healthcare, and the citizens of Wisconsin. Stop, take some breathes, talk to your peers, get some exercise. Stay healthy, stay focused and be tenacious in your Response & Recovery. WE GOT THIS!

I attended the Active Threat Conference and the 1 day, I Love U Guys Foundation Train the Trainer class for Reunification during the week of February 17. Some great presentations were given during the conference and I would recommend the I Love U Guys Reunification class and system to school districts. All of the materials for an robust plan are available on their website, no charge.

Keith Hurlbert, WEMA President

In early January, Amy Nehls (recent past President of WEMA) and myself had lunch with WEM Administrator, Dr. Darrell Williams. For 90 minutes, we discussed the WEM & WEMA organizations and how they could benefit and compliment each other in the future. We found Dr. Williams to be forthcoming with his visions for WEM and the items he’s prioritizing for that organization. The County Emergency Managers of Wisconsin have already seen a portion of this in their respective region meetings on Strategic Planning. The lunch meeting was an opportunity to get to know each other and understand the goals and objectives of each organization. The information exchange we had was incredibly free flowing and valuable to developing a good working relationship.

Without violating the confidentiality of our conversation I can say that the time with Dr. Williams was time well spent and without a doubt, he has an impactful, positive and all encompassing agenda for Emergency Management in Wisconsin.

Impressions: For both, your daily work load and in times of disaster, when you receive a call from the WEM Administrator offering assistance or just checking in with you, he is sincerely concerned you have all the support and resources you need.

Keith Hurlbert, WEMA President